OnChain Forge is an NFT Collectible game that allow you to generate passive income $FORGE

Mint our NFT collection, Stake it, Burn it or fight other players in our Blockchain Arena and get juicy rewards and more passive income $FORGE

Why should you mint our NFT Game ?

NFT has a huge potential, but most people aren’t investing yet cause the concept of NFT collection resale is difficult to understand. 

Our focus is to make your journey to generate passive income as SIMPLE as possible with OnChainForge

Our NFT Game RoadMap

Phase 1 Collection 1 - Mint 10 000 NFT Swords

25% - Mint Price 0.02 ETH
- A special NFT Sword will be Airdropped for early adopters
- Stake and Burn your NFT Sword to generate passive income $FORGE

50% - Mint Price 0.025 ETH
- NFT Sword Staking stats are revealed based on their scarcity
- Discord/Twitter Top 15 members get a NFT Sword 10 cm miniature made by Mohand ART.

75% - Mint Price 0.030 ETH
- 20 NFT Swords give aways for Discord and Twitter members
- Video Teasing Collection 2

100% - Mint Price 0.035 ETH
- Collection 2 opens with 10 000 NFT elementals Heroes

Phase 2 Collection 2 - Mint 10 000 NFT Heroes

NFT Heroes aidropped to holders from collection 1
- Stake/Burn your NFT Hero to generate more $FORGE
- Blockchain Arena countdown start

25% Mint Price of the remaining collection 1 - 0.035 ETH
- BlockChain Arena open to fight and get rewards once per day
- Use your $Forge to buy items in our Shop to boost your NFT hero
- 100 NFT giveways for Twitter and Discord members

50% Mint Price of the remaining collection 1 - 0.040 ETH
- Ranking/Tilte Leaderboard is available.
- Monthly Elemental Tournament with rewards ($Forge, Items and NFT)
- Quaterly Lord Tournament with crazy IRL rewards

100% Mint Price of the remaining collection 1 - 0.045 ETH
- IRL exclusive Merch opens for NFT Collection 1&2 Holders (Artist Metal poster + Rinoshield case in limited edition,

Phase 3 - Smartphone Game A Turn Base Play-To-Earn Game

Pending Success of previous phase,
We will launch a smartphone game where you can fight players in a Turn Base video game (like GoldenSun) We will give you more info later!

OnChain Forge Team
Lead Developper

Transforming idea into code since 20 years

Community Lover

Filling people’s heart with love and enthusiasm

Tokenomic Master

Crypto enthousiast, I also hunt silver and gold


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OnChain Forge FAQ
Why buy OnchainForge NFT?

One reason to buy OnChainForge NFT is its emotional value. We want to create a cool universe that everyone could understand like a good Anime or TV show. This is why our pitch and tokenomic will remain simple to attract everyone. “If your mother understand what we do, then its the first key to success <3”

Can i make money with OnChainForge NFT Collection?

Yes! You can make money with our NFT Collection by:

  • Holding and Staking your NFT to generate passive income $FORGE
  • Fighting in our BlockChain Arena to get more $FORGE
  • Selling your NFT (since its value will increase, we recommend you to hold it)
How do i buy OnchainForge NFT collection?

Join our discord to know EXACTLY when mint starts. Then you will be able to do it here: OnChainForge.com/nft-mint. For our precious community which participates to make our Discord and Twitter a better place, We will open a whitelist. Members of our OnChainForge whitelist will be able to mint their NFT Swords before everyone else. So if you are an active member, be sure you will have a special place, not only in our hearts.

What make OnChainForge NFT unique?

NFT Collection is a crowded market and we know it. What makes us different is exactly why you took time to read our FAQ:

  • Our pitch is SIMPLE cause we expect to be the first investment of many crypto buyers.
  • Our universe is cool and we will provide many videos to make it even more attractive for new buyers.
  • Our $FORGE is part of our game mechanic, so it will increase it’s value