Supply: 3333 Unique NFT
Mint Price & Whitelist available on our Discord !
Welcome to Waldo's NFT CLUB

Waldo’s NFT Club is inspired and intended to pay homage to the book of our childhood. 

In the long play, our collections will benefit the entire cartoon business model industry with our plateforme “WhatACartoon”

In the short play, our strategy to maintain a high floor price will benefit everyone who mints our collection

We are planning to stay, this is why we are 100% doxxed

Please join our Discord for an up-to-date Roadmap

Collection 1: Waldo's NFT Club

• Genesis: Origines & Project introduced

• 10 NFT Giveaways on our socials

• WhiteList rules on our Discord

• Announcement: Waldo's NFT Club printed Book for our holders

• 5 Uniques NFT airdropped to our discord active members 

• Announcement: Collaboration with 15 artists to illustrate our Waldo's NFT Club printed Book

••• Mint for our WhiteList members available for 1 hour •••

• Announcement: RoadMap Collection 2

••• Mint opening for everyone ( good luck ❤️ )•••

• 25% Mint: Those who minted so far will get access to our Whitelist Collection 2

• 50% Mint: 5 "Legendary" Waldo NFT giveaway to our Discord members

• 75% Mint: WhatACartoon 2 min video pitch revealed to understand how it will revolutionize cartoon industry business model

• 100% Mint: 100 Ledgers Nano giveaways to 100 discord members to secure your NFTs

• Announcement: Book step by step creation available on our website

Collection 2:

• Announcement: WhatACartoon platform available

• In Deph collection 2 design, purpose, mint price, rewards

• Before over-promise, let's over-perform our first collection!

Your Reward

Every Walli’s NFT Club holder will receive a beautiful printed comic book, starring our 3333 NFT characters in various situations across the wacky blockchain world.

It will be a collaborative project. We will select 15 artists from underdeveloped countries and will give them a life-changing salary for this project.

This first collection aims to revolutionize the cartoon industry. Be ready for our next step!

For Cartoons creators

– Our new plateforme ‘WhatACartoon” will help cartoon creators to get financial support using the power of NFT:

  • Produce from Start to Finish their Pilote episode
  • Produce their full animated series (chosen by our community) 
  • Cover the fee of dubing animation TV series for the international market
  • Get funding to secure their intellectual property
  • Bring Back to life old cartoon license from 90’s
  • Start their career to cover 1 year scholarship
For NFT Club Holders

We aim to revolutionize the business model of cartoon animation industry and it will be possible thanks to our great community: 

  • Holders will receive rewards, including merchandising in partnership with cartoon licenses.
  • Holders will receive a % royalty each time a show backed by WhatACartoon will be broadcast across the world 
  • Holders from NFT Club, will be automatically get in Whitelist (or Raffle) for the upcoming new NFT Club Collections
Our Team
" Putting code and security behind ideas for 15 years "

I work with Java/Kotlin, Android, NoSql Databases such as Cassandra, ElasticSearch, Apache Ignite… I developed/deployed one of the biggest French Big Data secured systems for a real and differed time streaming media platform.

Yassine S.
"Putting design and structure behind ideas for 10 years"

Project Management S-F, Brand evangelist for Microsoft Xbox and UBISOFT. multi-range expertise: Team sell training,  Startup preparation/ideation, Design and motion design

Yohan E.
"Connecting business experts behind ideas since 8 years

Has developed a substantial network of investors and business partners through my activity. Now connecting them to support great ideas and help them to reach the moon

You want to join us? any suggestion? feel free to ask each of us on our Linkedin